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Kancelaria prawna Łódź

My keynote when I was creating Attorney-at-Law Office – International Legal Consulting in Business was to provide our Business Partners – entrepreneurs – with comprehensive legal service of the highest quality thus ensuring them long-term legal security.

This thought constitutes the basis of all our activities and our mission, which we put into practice on everyday basis.

The Office is growing dynamically and its young and experienced team consists of 11 persons: attorneys-at-law, advocates, attorney-at-law trainees, doctors of law and doctors trainees.

During eight years of the existence of the Office, we have won the trust of more than 200 entrepreneurs of different branches from all over the world.


Ph.D. Magdalena Rytwińska-Rasz

  TOP 10

Our office in 6th place in the voivodeship Łódź

Business Profile

Our business partners receive from us the full legal service in all areas of law and all aspects necessary in business.


The team of committed lawyers who understand the needs and specificities of activity of our business partners are at your disposal. Our priority is to master the unique areas of business activities of our Partners so that the legal service rendered is the most efficient and effective.

We are at your disposal in all time zones

‘I solemnly swear to exercise the profession of the attorney-at-law so as to contribute to the protection and strengthening of the legal order of the Republic of Poland and to perform professional duties conscientiously and in accordance with the law regulations, keep professional secret,  as well as to act worthily and honestly, guided by the principles of attorney-at-law ethics and justice’

— Attorney’s Oath


Justyna Zydel



Julia Rubinkowska

lawyer, assistant

Dariusz Pacura Prawnik Łódź

Dariusz Pacura

lawyer, student

Lawyers cooperating
Monika Rytwińska Radca Prawny Łódź

Monika Rytwińska-Zięba



Julia Rubinkowska

lawyer, assistant

Office in numbers
548.000.000 PLN

The value of legal services in the field of construction law

48.000.000 PLN

Is the highest value of the dispute of legal processes carried out by our Office


Is the number of agreements which we have prepared (wrote or endorsed) and negotiated and the number is growing


Is the number of cases for damages for personal injury we have conducted


The number of entrepreneurs who have benefited from our legal assistance


The number of investment processes in which we have rendered our services to their participants (investors, contractors, subcontractors)

100 %

We work with all companies which we have formed

96 %

Is the measure of our effectiveness: litigations which we have won


Is the exceeded number of companies of commercial law which we have formed, transformed, or audited


The number which soon will be reached as far as the comprehensive legal service rendered to entrepreneurs is considered


Any team lawyer at your disposal


Is the number of years during which we have been operating as an Attorney-at-law Office


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 International Legal Consulting in Business
Attorney-at-Law Office
Ph.D. Magdalena Rytwińska-Rasz

ul. Nawrot 4/1
90-060 Łódź

NIP: 8311059198
REGON: 731639638

tel./fax +48 42 630 58 41
tel. +48 42 632 51 44


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