2009 Amendments to construction, geodetic and cartographic law shall be introduced

On January 1 st 2009 the regulation of Minister of Infrastructure came in force. It concerns new energy characterization of buildings. Certificates of energy characterization shall be obligatory for each and every building transferred for usage. This solution aims to increase security of economy of the country and independence of Poland from the energy suppliers from abroad. It also has positive influence onto the environment by decreasing the air, water and soil pollution. Energy certificate shall be valid for ten years. If in the meantime new construction works are undertaken, new certificate shall be necessary.

Amendments to the geodetic and cartographic law are also under discussion in Sejm. The changes shall concern law system of outlines and excerpts. According to the new law they shall be issued by the authority conducting the land and building register free of charge on the request of the court, public prosecutor, government administration bodies, local government units and the Supreme Control Chamber. Outlines and excerpts issued on the request of other interested subjects shall not be free of charge. The deadline for actualization of the land and buildings records for the authority responsible for its conducting shall also change. It shall be thirty days upon the motion filing.

Changes to the construction law were supposed to be introduced in January as well, however, legislation is still in process. The project includes the liquidation of the building permits. Registration of the investment in the commune office, providing all necessary documents such as: construction project, the designer’s statement and statement of person entitled to check the conformity of the project with law regulation, statement of the right to manage the land altogether with town planning consent shall be sufficient for the investment to be valid. The motion for investment registration should also include the designer’s and checking person’s statement that they performed construction project according with current construction law. Therefore, the starost shall not have the right to reject the motion. The registration should be completed within thirty days. If the starost fails to do this, the governor can charge him a fine in the amount of 500 zl.

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