Companies formation and liquidation in Poland and abroad, M&A


  • we have formed capital companies and representative offices in Poland and abroad;
  • we have helped both Polish and foreign investors (among others. Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, China);
  • we have helped investments processes of both individual entrepreneurs and capital groups;
  • we have helped in investment in different branches, including construction, technology, automotive and textile;
  • we have serviced the investments of various sizes from several thousand to several millions.

Legal service for the start of business is aimed to and includes:

  • proposing to an investor optimal - from their point of view, their needs and nature of the planned activities - legal form of business;
  • preparation of an investment agreement (agreements of partners);
  • preparing a set of documents necessary to start a business;
  • obtaining the necessary registrations, declarations and permits;

A business success or failure is determined by various factors, often independent of the entrepreneur. However, starting business activity and choosing its organizational form is in the hands of entrepreneur. Selection, from the range of legal options, of a type of a company best suited to current needs of the business conducted by the entrepreneur, the efficient conduct of the complicated process of its formation and registration, and the precise regulation of the internal relations of the company (a carefully thought-out content of the agreement / articles of association, an explicit normalization of relations between the authorities and partners, clear and doubtless organization of decision-making process, the application of solutions to protect the assets of the company and the interests of its owners) have an enormous effect on the scale of the success of business ventures, and in the event of improper conduct sometimes shatter any chances for success.

M& A Mergers, divisions, conversions and acquisitions of companies.

We mitigate business risk connected with the transactions.

  • we have participated in branch acquisitions on a construction works market and insurance services
  • we cooperate with "private equity" funds and we are responsible for legal side of acquisitions following the MBO formula
  • we have conducted several acquisitions after detailed due diligence procedure
  • we have organized the legal side of conversions and mergers of companies

The merger and acquisition process (M&A) and their service is a particularly complicated legal process. Our Office has rendered a comprehensive services (an examination of the legal and financial state of acquired company - due diligence, the choice of a form of a takeover: the merger of companies, the absorption of the acquired company, the acquisition of sole assets of the acquired company, the creation of a contractual and financial or decision-making relationship, negotiating the terms of acquisition, implementing changes in the internal regulations of companies and their registration) during a series of complex mergers and acquisitions, including those of international character. Properly and efficiently carried out acquisition results in and development of business, however, if carried out incorrectly can undermine even the strongest entrepreneur. Therefore it is vital, to entrust the whole process to the lawyers who have specialized expertise in this area and such is provided by knowledge and experience of employees of the Office.


It is crucial to conduct efficient liquidation of the company, in particular the recovery of its debts and disposals of assets of the company with maximum profit. The employees of the Office have the knowledge and practical skills necessary for the proper handling of the legal process of liquidation of business activity, arising both from the will of the owners of the company (liquidation), as well as from compulsory liquidation, related to the state of bankruptcy of abusiness, which significantly allows to mitigate its effects.

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