2011 September

Resolution of 8 September 2011 (ref. symbol of files III CZP 43/11).
The owner of a real estate is not entitled to a claim for damages due to its depreciation in value connected with the normal use of the property to the extent of any such easement against the unauthorized owner of the easement  (article 225 in conjunction with article 230 CC).

 Resolution of 8 September 2011 (ref. symbol of files III CZP 42/11).

In the case of settlement of the legal status of the property disclosed in the land register with the actual legal status lack of governor’s decision issued on the basis of Article 13 Paragraph 4 of the Act of 19 October 1991 on the management of the land of State Treasury (Journal of Laws 2007 No. 231, pos. 1700) excludes the possibility of determining the transfer under the law to the benefit of a municipal ownership of agricultural property on the basis of art. 13 Paragraph 2 of this Act.

 Resolution of 8 September 2011 (ref. symbol of files III CZP 41/11).

The General Court's decision, as the court of first instance, rejecting the request for an arbitrator exclusion may be appealed.

 Resolution of 8 September 2011 (ref. symbol of files III CZP 44/11).

Enforcement proceedings initiated upon the request of the creditor made ​​before the entry into force the Act of 2 July 2004 amending the Act - the Code of Civil Procedure and certain other acts (Journal of Laws No. 172, pos. 1804) and before the deadline specified in Article 985 § 1 CCP which has not been redeemed by the bailiff, takes place according to the regulations in force at the time of application.
The Supreme Court refused to adopt a resolution in the remainder.

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