2009 January

Resolution of 7 Judges of The Supreme Court dated on 23 January 2009 (reference symbol of files III CZP 118/08).

  1. A lawyer, attorney-at-law or a patent agent who acts as a substitute in court proceedings, does not have a right to certify a copy of a basic power of attorney.
  2. The formal lack of a pleading in a form of inappropriate authorization of the proxy can be eliminated by side’s confirmation of the activities performed by the proxy. The court should establish a due time to deliver such a confirmation.

Resolution dated on 21 st of January 2009 (reference symbol of files III CZP 130/08).
The company’s consent to establish a registered pledge on shares should be made in a form appropriate for the establishment of the pledge for the limited liability company agreement i.e. in a written form (article 63 § 2 of the Civil Code read with article 3 of resolution 1 dated on 6 th of December 1996 about the registered pledge and registry of pledges, Journal of Law. No 149, pos. 703 with all the changes).

Resolution dated on 22 nd of January 2009 (reference symbol of files III CZP 134/08).
In the event of establishing, on the basis of article 527 of the civil code, ineffectiveness of the legal transaction of a seller of a bankruptcy estate, mortgage encumbrance of the property is still in force if established after legal transaction, and the mortgage creditor can demand settling the payable due in the bankruptcy proceedings, according to article 204 § 1, clause 2b of the President’s Resolution dated on 24 th October 1934, Bankruptcy Law (Journal of Law dated on 1991. No 118, pos. 512, with all the changes).

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