2008 Amendments to the labor code

On 17 th of October 2008 resolution about changes to the Labor Code was passed. Amendments concern mainly anti-discrimination and industrial safety regulations.

The resolution adapts polish labor law to this of the European Union, giving detailed definition of sexual harassment (change of article 18 § 6 of Labor Code) and describing exactly the kind of behavior that can lead to creating unpleasant situation for an employee.

The amendment introduces the regulation that in the event of employee’s submitting to a mobbing or sexual harassment or opposing to this kind of behavior neither action can result in any negative consequences against the employee.

Furthermore, postulated changes guarantee that an employee coming back from the maternity leave shall be entitled to the previous or equivalent workplace in accordance with employee’s qualifications for the same remuneration (new article 183); the employer shall be obliged to enable the employee to come back to previous work conditions.

Apart from that, regulations about occupational health and safety are introduced; employer shall be obliged to protect health and safety of the employees by providing safe work conditions applying the latest achievements of science, and the money spent on that goal can not at any way encumber employees


The resolution shall come into force upon 14th day of its publishing.

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