New technologies

    • In order to meet the needs of modern business and customer expectations, our Office needs to have a good understanding of processes taking place in our clients’ companies. We render services to the companies that use modern technology to present their offer on ever day basis, as well as to those engaged in the production relating to the field of new technologies.

    • Understanding and commitment of the processes taking place in our clients’ companies, knowing the various stages of production of new technologies, and proper branch education of our office staff, allows us to achieve close cooperation with our customers.

    • We make sure that our customers treat us not only as law professionals, but also as their business partners who know the specific characteristics of their branch.

  • In our everyday work we use modern technology to enable the customers easier contact with us and provide them with quick service and professional support in their relationships with business partners.
Kancelaria Prawna 90-060 Łódź, ul. Nawrot 4/1, tel./fax +48 /42/ 630 58 41, tel. +48 /42/ 632 51 44,
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