Negotiations and arbitration proceedings

We provide:

    • participation in negotiations at the conclusion of agreements;

    • mediation in dealing with contractors;

    • participation and representation of parties in proceedings before the mediator or arbitration proceedings;

    • advice on the amicable settlement of conflicts.

    The ability to conduct conversations with others to reach a satisfactory agreement is a very important skill that could determine our success or failure in personal lives. The same is true about business, where often success of certain projects is determined by well-conducted negotiations or, in the event of conflict, the ability to conclude a favorable settlement. In order to conclude a settlement sometimes it is enough to present to the other side, the proposal, which is grounded in terms of law and business, however, on other occasions we need to resolve the conflict through the proceedings before the mediator or arbitration court. The person we need is a well-educated lawyer, with practical experience, who is familiar with the rules governing business market. In my Office I employ only this kind of lawyers . Our assistance can make an agreement conclusion, or resolution of conflicts easier, and you will feel confident and secure in your dealings with other entrepreneurs.

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