2012 February

Resolution of 8 February 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 2/12)

I. The legal representative may lodge a complaint against the decision issued by the first instance court in respect of incurring the costs of unpaid assistance provided ex officio by the State Treasury. II. The unpaid costs of legal aid granted to a party ex officio given to the ex officio legal representative from the State Treasury, include a fee not lower than the relevant minimum rates of lawyers' activities before the judicial authorities as provided in the resolution of the Minister of Justice of 28 September 2002 on the fees for lawyers’ activities and incurring the costs of unpaid help provided ex officio by the State Treasury (Journal of Laws No 163, item 1348, as amended.).

Resolution of 8 February 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 1/12)

A motion for adjudging costs of appeal proceedings filed in response to an appeal lodged after the deadline specified in the Article 372 of Code of Civil Proceedings is effective.

 Resolution of 16 February 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 94/11)

The conclusion of the extension of the perpetual usufruct on a request made within the period specified in Article 236 § 2 of the Civil Code can occur even after the period for which the right has been established.

 Resolution of 9 February 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 89/11)

Housing cooperative pursuant to Article 27 paragraph 1 of the Act of 15 December 2000 on housing cooperatives (Uniformed text: Journal of Laws 2003, No. 119, item 1116, as amended.) manages real estates constituting its co-ownership in which ownership of the property was separated before the entry into force of this Act and the management of common property was subject to the provisions of the Act of 24 June 1994 on the ownership of property (Uniformed text: Journal of Laws 2000, No. 80, item 903, as amended).

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