2011 November

Resolution of 30 November 2011 (file no. III CZP 70/11)
Method of preparation by an attorney-at-law copies of documents for compliance with original ones, as defined in Article 6 paragraph 3,  sentence 2 of the Act of 6 July 1982 on attorney-at-laws (uniform text  Journal of Law 2010, No. 10, item 65 as amended), applies also to authentication a copy of the power of attorney (Article 89 § 1 Code of Civil Proceedings)

Resolution of 30 November 2011 (file no. III CZP 73/11)
The evidence interdiction laid down in Article 14 paragraph 4 of the Act of 25 June 1997 on the Crown witness (uniform text Journal of Law 2007 No. 36, pos. 232, as amended) relates to civil proceedings and includes a period after the termination of the protection and assistance provided for in this Act.

Resolution of 30 November 2011 (file no. III CZP 69/11)
In the event of rejection of an application for court costs in full, it is unnecessary to rule on the dismissal of the application as far as the rest of the application is concerned.

Resolution of 25 November 2011 (file no. III CZP 76/11)
The supervisory board of a cooperative bank may appoint one of its members to temporarily act as chairman of the board of the bank (Article 56 § 1 of the second sentence of the Act of 16 September 1982 - Cooperative Law, Journal of Laws of 2003 No. 118 , pos. 1848, as amended) without the consent of the Financial Supervision Commission as provided in Article 12 paragraph 3 of the Act of 7 December 2000 on the Operations of Cooperative Banks, their Affiliation and Affiliating Banks (Journal of Laws No. 19, item 1252, as amended). The Chairman appointed is not entitled to file a motion to appoint other members of the board of the bank (Article 12 paragraph. 4, second sentence of this Act).

Resolution of the combined Chambers of the Supreme Court of 22 November 2011 (file no. III CZP 38/11)
Lack of instruction or erroneous instruction of the party acting without a lawyer, an attorney-at-law or a patent attorney about admissibility, time and manner of an appeal does not affect the start of the period to bring in the measure.

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