2009 July

Resolution of 24 July 2009 (reference symbol of files I PZP 3/09).
In the case for damages due to work agreement termination concluded for indefinite period of time with the regulations infringement, fee for the attorney-at-law activities due to legal representation is calculated on the basis of § 11 regulation 1 item 2 of the regulation of Ministry of Justice of 28 September 2002 about fees for attorney-at-laws’ activities and costs, of legal help given by attorney-at-law ex-officio incurred by the State Treasury (Journal of Law No. 163, item 1349 with all later amendments).

Resolution of 24 July 2009 (reference symbol of files I UZP 8/09).
Periods of pension drawing due to inability to work are not taken into consideration when establishing the right to agricultural disability pension (20 quarters of rental periods are necessary to obtain the pension) that raises above the age of 30 and ten years before the filing the motion for a pension (article 21, Act 2 item 5 and Act 8 of Act of 20 December 1990 about social insurance of farmers – uniform text : Journal of Law of 2008 No. 50, item 292 with all later amendments).

Resolution of 15 July 2009 (reference symbol of files III SZP 1/09).
On the basis of 479§ 2 of the Civil Code Procedure President of Electronic Communications Office accepting the appeal as a whole can change or annul the decision only as a whole. The regulation does not apply if the President of the Office accepts the appeal only in part.

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