2008 July

Resolution dated on 2nd July 2008 (reference symbol of files II PZP 12/08).
Unemployment time for which the employee is entitled to the remuneration on the basis of article 57 § 1 of the Labor Code as the result of restoration to work does not have to include the months directly following the termination of the employment relationship.

Resolution dated on 2 nd July 2008 (reference symbol of files II UZP 5/08).
Ten years’ limitation period stipulated in the article 24 resolution 4 of resolution dated on 13 th of October 1998 about Social Insurance System (uniform text – Journal of Laws – 2007 Nr 11, pos. 74 with all the changes) according to the resolution dated on 18 th December 2002 concerning the change of the Social Insurance System resolution and some other resolutions (Journal of Laws Nr 241, pos. 2074) shall apply to the receivables from contributions that became due before 1 st of January 2003 unless they have become out of date according to the previous law provisions.

Resolution of the 7 Judges of the Supreme Court dated on 8 th July 2008 (reference symbol of files III CZP 154/07).
Acting as a proxy in the court proceedings of the person who is not entitled to be a proxy means lack of the proper authorization that leads to the invalidation of the proceeding. (article 379 clause 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure).

Resolution dated on 8 th July 2008 (reference symbol of files I UZP 2/08)
The widow can demand establishing the amount of the family pension contributing to the proper – indicated in article 73 of the resolution dated on 17 th December 1998 about retirements and pensions from the Social Insurance Fund (uniform text: Journal of Laws – 2004 nr 39, pos. 353 with all the changes) – percentage of each benefit to which late husband obtained a right irrespective of the pension body’s positive or negative decision.

Resolution dated on 10 th July 2008 (reference symbol of files III CZP 62/08).
Including in the VAT invoice, issued by order receiver, annotation that its signing is the confirmation of the right quality as well as completeness of the goods bought and constitutes the basis for the realization of the warranty rights due to the commodities acquired and services rendered, creates between sides to the specific task contract warranty relationship to which provisions of article 577 of the Civil Code are applied. The notion of loss according to the article 361 § 2 of the Civil Code includes also due obligation of the injured party towards the third party.

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