2012 April

Resolution of 20 April 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 10/12)

A simulated surety agreement, concluded in order to conceal the receivables assignment agreement by a creditor of  a health care institution with a professional entity involved in the debt trading and extra-judicial recovery of debts, may infringe the contractual interdiction of  conclusion of receivables assignment agreement;
The Supreme Court decided to refuse to adopt a resolution in the remaining scope.

Resolution of 20 April 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 8/12)

Research and development unit is responsible for damage caused in March 1998 as a result of medical malpractice committed by the person from the hospital team, operating in the structure of this unit and acting as its official, even when the activity of the hospital was funded on the principles applicable to individual units or budgetary establishments.

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