2009 April

Resolution of 7 April 2009 (reference symbol of files I UZP 2/09).
In the event of refusal of one-off compensation payment in virtue of a detriment to health due to accident at work on a basis of a statement about health detriment in read with article 46 of the resolution of 30 October 2002 – Social Insurance due to accidents at work and occupational diseases (Journal of Law No 199, item 1673 with all later amendments) is a decision of a pension body about one-off compensation payment refusal (article 15 resolution 2 subparagraph 2 of the resolution). The amount of one-off compensation is calculated on the basis of rates for each percent of permanent or long-term health detriment binding on a day of issuing the decision, and the amount of due compensation should be paid altogether with statutory interest from the day of issuing sued decision according to civil law provisions.

Resolution of 17 April 2009 (reference symbol of files III CZP 17/09).
A housing cooperative is obliged to meet a claim, stipulated in article 17 resolution of 15 December 2000 about housing cooperatives (uniformed text, Journal of Law No 119 of 2003, item 1116 with all later amendments), filed but not meet till the day of coming into force a resolution of 14 June 2007 about resolution change of housing cooperative and some other resolutions (Journal of Law No 125 of 2007, item 873) according to new regulations stipulated in the resolution (article 7 of resolution 5) unless a housing cooperative had undertaken steps to transfer of rights to premises agreement on basis of the legally valid resolution of the management board of the housing cooperative that does not meet the new legal criteria stipulated in article 42 of resolution, subparagraph 3.

Resolution of 17 April 2009 (reference symbol of files III CZP 14/09).
The resolution of the management board of the housing cooperative which states that the cellar is not a part of a housing apartment is invalid if the cellar actually constitutes a part of this apartment and is used by a person who has a title to premises.

Resolution of 8 April 2009 (reference symbol of files II PZP 1/09).
In the court case regarding labor law, a claim brought by an employee where the value of the subject matter of a dispute is not higher than 50,000 zł from the grievance regarding the dismissal of the motion excluding the judge a basic fee is collected on the basis of article 35 of resolution 1, sentence 1 of resolution of 28 July 2005 about court fees in civil cases (Journal of Law No 167, item 1398 with all amendments).

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