2008 April

Resolution dated on the 2 nd April 2008 (reference symbol of files III CZP 20/08)
On 2 nd April The Supreme Court passed the resolution (reference symbol of files III CZP 20/08) which confirms the necessity to present the actual KRS copy or other document by the professional proxy of the company: lawyer, attorney-at-law or the patent agent when it comes to filing the appeal against the writ of payment. The main point of the change is to demonstrate that the body of legal person has a right to grant the power of attorney to the professional to represent the company before the court.

Referring to the article 479 8a of The Code of Civil Procedure, The Supreme Court stated in the resolution that the absence of the KRS copy or other document is the reason for the writ of payment to be dismissed. Therefore, the lack of the mentioned documents constitutes as the formal lack of the appeal.

The resolution confirms that for the proving of the proxy’s actions the KRS copy is not necessary, however, other document which confirms the right of the company to grant the power of attorney must be presented.

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