Consulting and legal audits (including businesses and real estates)

We have conducted several audits of companies, businesses and realestates.

    • We provide legal advisory services in the scope of law relating to economic activity. We treat each issue or project individually, taking into account not only the purely legal aspect of it, but also the specificity of the given industry and the needs and legal - economic situation of the enterprise.

    • We assess the legal risks of the planned projects and investments. We always find some alternative solutions to the problem by presenting the benefits and risks associated with them.

    • We perform an objective legal analysis, which consists mainly of monitoring of the operations and procedures undertaken in the enterprise and the functioning of internal legal acts and their conformity with generally applicable laws. The report drawn on this basis, shows the facts of the case and its compliance with applicable laws. If any discrepancies occurr, we indicate the risks involved and the procedures to implement in order to line with the law.

  • We also audit properties, conduct analysis of the legal status set out in the land registry, and then we verify it with actual facts of the case. We indicate risks associated with buying a property and offer solutions to minimize this risk.

The information we obtain is a key success factor for a variety of transactions, mergers, acquisitions and investments.

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