Legal service for constructing projects

Our lawyers have prepared and endorsed hundreds of contracts in the field of construction of a total value of more than one billion zlotys!

Currently, our office is perceived as an expertinthe field of construction law, civil law and the law in building construction products.

    • We offer our clients comprehensive support in designing and endorsing of all construction agreements, and we ensure support in the negotiations preceding the conclusion of these agreements. We provide ongoing legal services for construction projects and represent our clients in disputes arising out of construction contracts. We know the specific nature of the construction process, the mutual relationships between its participants and differences in expectations and attitudes between the investor, contractor and subcontractors.

    • We offer our clients assistance in the conduct of administrative proceedings connected with the determination of construction conditions and obtaining building permits before administrative bodies for building and architecture and in administrative proceedings concerning the legalization of arbitrarily constructed buildings and other building works, which require a building permit or notification. In these cases, we represent our clients before public administrative bodies and administrative courts.

    • We provide ongoing legal services for several construction companies, including international capital group operating in the construction industry.

    • In addition, our Office is cooperating with the notified bodies of research and certification on the regular basis, among others with:. Building Research Institute in Warsaw, The Research and Development Centre of Building Insulation Industry in Katowice and General Office of Building Supervision, as well as the Headquarters of the State Fire Brigade and the Polish Chamber of Building Industry and Commerce in Warsaw (we have organized the Court of Arbitration at the Chamber).

    • The Founder of the Office Ms Magdalena Rytwińska-Rasz Ph. D. is a member of the Board of Building Materials by the General Inspector of the Building Control in Warsaw and legal and business consultant of Polish Chamber of Building Industry and Commerce in Warsaw with special emphasis put on unfair competition law and law regulation on construction materials.

  • In addition Ms Magdalena Rytwińska-Rasz Ph. D. is a lecturer of unique, in Polish market, trainings in scope of constructing addressed to the investors, contractors, operational staff and lawyers, as well as is the author of several publications, among others, on legal and building theme. Ms Magdalena Rytwińska-Rasz Ph. D has also participated, as legal consultant, in legislative work relating to payment guarantee in the investment process.
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