2007 Information about entrepreneurs can be checked on the Internet

On 1st January 2007 amendments to Commercial Companies Code come into effect, which lays additional duties upon entrepreneurs. These amendments have fundamental meaning for limited liability companies, joint stock companies and limited joint stock partnerships.

Scope of information shared through Ministry of Justice webpage:

  • National Court Register ,
  • number Registered Seat,
  • REGON number,
  • Representation rules of checked entrepreneur,
  • Surnames of Board Member,
  • Date of registration and crossing out,

How to search:
There are two basic ways of searching: through company name and national court register number:

    1. If one chooses company's name option, full name - in accordance with National Court Register - or only part of the name can be filled in. Among search results all companies fulfilling criteria shall be shown.

Search toolbar will not find any results if filled company name or part of it is not in the order in which it was registered in National Court Register.

  1. If one chooses company's national court register number option it is necessary to type full national court register number including ten digits. It is also possible to type shortened number (without leading zero) because search toolbar will automatically add all the lacking digits in front of the number. Among search results only one company shall be shown.


  • Obtaining more detailed information will still be chargeable.
  • To obtain more detailed information it will be necessary to fill in the special motion form that is available in all Central Information of National Court Register located in many district courts.
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