2015.03.12 Polish government adopted amendments to the act concerning changes in the way the transport of children in vehicles

Polish government adopted amendments to the act concerning changes in the way the transport of children in vehicles. Revision of the rules is motivated by the need to adapt them to the law, which applies in other EU countries. They result from the new Rules of Procedure of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations on uniform legal principles relating to the approval of improved child restraint systems used on board motor vehicles (i.e., Regulation No. 129).

The draft of this law, which has been prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development provides for the abolition of the age limit 12 years for the obligation of children's car seats. Currently, it is not the age, and the height will be the sole criterion. So - so far - is required to transport children under 150 cm in height in the seat for safe driving. However, it is allowed for a possibility that a child having at least 135 cm in height will not be traveled in the seat. In such a situation it is require that child has to sit in the back seat of the vehicle and has to fasten seatbelts. According to experts, this solution is not reasonable, but on the contrary - extremely risky. Because they think seatbelts are designed for people adults. Whereas children fasten their seatbelts are exposed to head injuries, chest injuries, abdominal and internal organs, located on the lower abdomen line.

In addition, the project has been clearly clarified the fact that the seat should be adjusted to, among other things, weight and height of the child and that it is forbidden to transport in the front seat the child sitting in the seat rear-facing in a car equipped with a passenger air bag.

Further, how important, although quite controversial ordinance concerns the passage of the third child aged 3 years. Namely it is allowed to transporting him in a safety belt without the seat in the middle of the rear seat when the two seats are equipped with side seats (which are children), and the installation another rear seat is impossible because of the car construction.

The consequence for transporting children without seat and thereby failing to current regulations is to impose the driver a fine of 150 zł and 6 penalty points.

The final aspect to be referred to the provision that determines who is exempt from the obligation to use seatbelts.

The authorization applies to:

- pregnant women,

- medical teams,

- taxi drivers,

- training of instructors and examiners future drivers,

- Government Protection Bureau officers,

- military police,

- people with a medical certificate for not warrant the use of seat belts.


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