2013 June

Date of judgment 27 June 2013. (ref. No. III CZP 27/13)

Is the principle of openness formal land registers, expressed in art. 2 u.k.w.h. together with a statement that you can not hide behind the ignorance of the entries in the land register or applications which mention was made in it, gives rise to an effective complaint to find out about the judgment (order) within the meaning of Art. 407 § 1 k.p.c. to the party, the complainant for revision based on the basis of Art. 524 § 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure, where the judgment (order) is disclosed in Section II - the land register, as the basis for the entry of the new owner of the property?

The deadline to file an application for revision proceedings to determine the acquisition by the State Treasury of ownership of the property abandoned by the decree of 8 March 1946. On estates abandoned and former German (Dz. U. No. 13, pos. 87) does not start running on the day of registration of ownership of the Treasury on the basis of that judgment or mention of the application for its achievement in the land register.

Date of judgment 27 June 2013. (ref. No. III CZP 30/13)

Is Art. 68 paragraph. 2b Land Management Act (the unit. Text Journal of Laws of 2004. No. 261, item. 2603.) Applies to a person close to the tenant when the tenant has entered into an agreement to sell a dwelling with the municipality for the duration of art . 68 paragraph. 2 of the Act of 21 August 1997. Of Real Estate Management (Journal of Laws of 2004. No. 141, item. 1492), as amended by the Act of 28 November 2003. Amending the Law on Real Estate and certain other set, ie. from 22 September 2004. by 21 October 2007., where the customer premises gave it to the person close after 21 October 2007., and the person who sold the place up before five years from the date of the original purchase?

The obligation to repay an amount equal to the original purchaser Bonifika granted dwelling after indexation charges - on the basis of Art. 68 paragraph. 2b in conjunction. with paragraph. 2 and 2a, point 1 of the Act of August 21, 1997. About the real estate (one. Text: Journal of Laws of 2004. No. 261, item. 2603.) Is added after the amendment made by the Act of August 24, 2007 r. amending the Law on Real Estate and amending certain other acts (Journal of Laws No. 173, item. 1218) - a close person who has purchased and sold premises after 21 October 2007.

Date of judgment 27 June 2013. (ref. No. III CZP 32/13)

Is the order of the court of first instance on a reduction in the levy (Art. 49, paragraph. 7 of the Bailiffs and Enforcement) may be appealed to the parties and the bailiff?

The decision of the court of first instance in respect of reducing the levy (Art. 49, paragraph 7 of the Act of 27 August 1997 on Bailiffs and Enforcement - Dz. U. of 2011, No. 231, item. 1376, as amended) parties have complaint.

The Supreme Court refused to adopt a resolution to the remainder.

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