2012 June

Resolution of 6 June 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 25/12

The Management Board of the Housing Community may claim a remuneration from a third party for a non-contractual use of a  part of the property being in shared perpetual ownership of the premises’ owners. 

Resolution of 6 June 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 24/12)

Litigation process is acceptable in cases for reimbursement of undue fees for card vehicle issuance collected on the basis of the Regulation of the of Minister of Infrastructure of 28 July 2003 on the amount of fees for a card vehicle (OJ No 137, item 1310) before the entry into force on 1 January 2010 of the Act of 27 August 2009 on public finances (OJ No. 157 item 1240, as amended).

Resolution of 6 June 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 23/12)

A fifth part of the proportional value of the appeal is collected on a complaint against the judgment of National Appeal Chamber of the President of the Public Procurement Office referring only to settlement on costs of the appeal.

Resolution of 6 June 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 22/12)

In proceedings for an entry in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register of shareholders’ data of a limited liability company, having individually or jointly with others at least 10% of a share capital (Article 38 paragraph 8, section c of the Act of 20 August 1997 on the National Court Register, (uniformed text Journal of Laws 2007 No. 168, item 1184, as amended.), the registry court may require the submission of the contract under which the transfer of a share or its part took place (Article 180 of Code of commercial companies).

Resolution of 7 Judges of the Supreme Court of 5 June 2012 (reference symbol of files III CZP 72/11)

The agreement of the spouses on method of  maintaining contact with a child after a divorce does not relieve the court from issuing the judgment on these contacts in the divorce decree (Article 58 § 1 of the Family Law Code ).

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