2008 June

Resolution dated on 12th June 2008 (reference symbol of files III CZP 55/08).

  1. In the proceeding based on the article 527 § 1 of the Civil Code non-gratuitous disposal of the valuable objects by the third party included in the debtor’s appeal can be justified by the creditor’s claim (article 405 and following of the Civil Code) to refund benefits gained by third party in the process of disposal.
  2. Refuses to pass the resolution in the different range.

Resolution dated on 12th June 2008 (reference symbol of files III CZP 41/08).
Spouse can start en eviction proceeding from the joint living space against the other spouse on the basis of article 13 of resolution 2 dated on 31st June 2001 about protection of tenants’ rights, residential resources of the commune and about Civil Code changes (uniform text: Dz. U. 2005, Nr 31, pos. 266 with the changes) during the divorce case where any eviction claims were filed.

Resolution dated on 4th June 2008 (reference symbol of files II UZP 3/08).
On the basis of article 116 of the resolution dated on 29th August 1997 Tax Ordination (uniform text Dz. U. dated on 2005, Nr 8, pos. 60) read with article 32 of the resolution dated on 13th October 1998 about the Social Insurance System (uniform text: Dz. U. dated on 2007 nr 11, pos. 74 with the changes) and read with article 31 of this resolution, the members of the Management Board of Ltd company can be made responsible for the company’s late payment of the contribution for Labor Fund, Employee Guaranteed Benefits Fund and for the health insurance.

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