BUDMA 2007

Forum of Building Research Institute

International Construction Fair BUDMA 2007 was held January 2007 in Poznań. The record number of almost 1,300 exhibitors from 28 countries took part in the Fair. According to official information the fair was visited by over 50,000 visitors from 34 countries.

The organizers arranged for interesting conference and seminars program dedicated to different Professional groups. Similarly to the previous year particular interest was connected with the seminar organized by Building Research Institute devoted to: “Assessment of legal regulations and functioning of construction materials market from the perspective of EU regulations”. This seminar was particularly special because it was the first initiative of this type since entering into force of these regulations, i.e. almost 3 years.

There were several hundred participants present, among others. Minister of Construction Industry – Andrzej Aumiller, Deputy Minister of Construction Industry – Elżbieta Janiszewska-Kuropatwa and General Office of Building Control authorities – Marek Naglewski – General Inspector and Andrzej Urban – Deputy General Inspector.

The seminar was conducted by Mr Marek Kaproń – Deputy Director of Building Research Institute (responsible for co-operation with industry) - in form of discussion, in which experts from Building Research Institute, who work in different professions and branches of construction business took part

One of the four invited speakers was Magdalena Rytwińska – Ph.D. Attorney-at-Law, legal consultant of Polish Chamber of Building Industry and Commerce and President of Arbitration Court by Polish Chamber of Building Industry and Commerce, who was asked to speak about suggestions from the industry directed to building supervision. This lecture – referring to highly controversial issues – raised lively and emotional discussion.

In her speech Magdalena Rytwińska stated that:

  • in a system based on producer’s loyalty proper documentation of the product does not mean that the products meets declared criteria, therefore:
  • the industry expects that building supervision will react to documented market signals and not limit their activity to verification of formal documentation of the product,
  • because lack of proper documentation of the product is less harmful both for the Client and rules of fair competition, than actual lack of parameters declared in formally proper documentation (details in the presentation attached).

In the discussion summary it was underlined that Poland made a lot to efficiently implement Directive 89/106/UE, however, everyday legal practice, especially by supervision authorities leaves a lot to be required and the basic problem as regards market supervision is limiting control devices only to fulfillment of formal requirements.

Conclusions resulting from the discussion: on one hand it is a promise to continue analysis of possible directions of changes in binding regulations beneficial for trustworthy entrepreneurs, on the other hand the position of building supervision which significantly opens itself for market signals (including the Council of Construction Materials functioning by General Inspector of Building Control)

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