„Are we following our own feelings... or a lawyer and expert in finance...???”

Target group - managers of high level (Top Management of a Company)
Purpose of workshop - rapid growth of the company’s value through acquisitions and commercial and cost synergies of business mergers in light of Due Diligence process and its legal procedures, financial analysis and potential for market synergy. The process of acquisition and DD - identification of the company in light of local laws and agreements concluded.
Workshops are conducted by practitioners who have participated in the process of acquisition in Poland and abroad.

1. Introduction – the formula of the workshop – 15 minutes

- presentation of workshop technique,

- introduction of the lecturer,

- aim of workshop

Mr Maciej Lipiński – expert, manager and expert in finance
Ms Magdalena Rytwińska-Rasz Ph. D. – attorney-at-law

2. Case study 1 - study of increase of company’s market value through product and cost synergies in the same area of the market for a large Polish company (PLN 300 m) - the concentration of due diligence process on the financial and profit margins aspects of the product and legal security of production area and products – 30 minutes + discussion – 15 minutes – M. Lipiński / M. Rytwińska-Rasz

3. Case study 2 - study of increase of company’s market value through product synergy in new, complementary area of market operations for the company, as above - concentration of the due diligence process on the aspects of forecasts and business plan in a new area of market activities and on managerial and legal collateral of HR area – 30 minutes + discussion – 15 minutes - M. Lipiński / M. Rytwińska-Rasz

Lunch break – 30 minutes

4. The acquisition - types, generally accepted procedures of this process, patterns, standards – 20 minutes – M. Lipiński

5. Due diligence - the military wing of acquisition – 20 minutes – M. Lipiński – the aim of DD process

- who participates in DD and what does it depend on

- how does DD work

- the best way to conduct DD

6. Legal aspects of DD process – 20 minutes – M. Rytwińska-Rasz

Coffee break – 15 minutes

7. Case study 3 - study of ineffective acquisition, despite the possibilities of rapid growth of the company’s market value - why the best experts - lawyers should be involved in the process – why companies often use outside consultants, and whether this provides a guarantee of safety – 15 minutes + discussion – 15 minutes – M. Rytwińska-Rasz

8. Financial aspects of DD process– 30 minutes – M. Lipiński

9. Evaluation of return of acquisition in the light of not only achievable synergies, but also of business risks (including legal risks) – 20 minutes – M. Lipiński

After the workshop both experts are available to participants - possibility of individual discussions - 90 minutes

Dates of the trainings:
New term soon

Cost of the training: PLN 890 + VAT of one participant

- members of PIPHB – 5 % discount

- application of more than one person – 5 % discount

- minimal number of participants of training – 3 persons

The training takes place in the seat of Polish Chamber of Building Industry and Commerce branch Lodz and International Legal Consulting in Business Office – Lodz, Nawrot Street 4/1. We offer well-prepared air-conditioned training centre. You can find a map of route on our webpage: http://www.b2blegal.pl in section – contact.

There is an attended car park in front of our Office. We offer interpersonal trainings – for not more than 14 participants. We can also offer trainings for individual closed groups on individual terms of payment and individual subject matter
(1:1) – one to one,
(1:2) – one to two,
(1:3) – one to three
and in larger groups – however not more than 14 participants.

Should you have any questions please send us an e-mail: kancelaria@b2blegal.pl or directly contact assistant of our Office Mrs. Katarzyna Widerkiewicz, phone number +48 42 630 13 99.

Application form: Should you like to participate in our training please fill in our application form, send it by fax or e-mail and pay in advance (transfer or cash) on account: Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. o/Łódź – nr 30175010930000000003644634

Kancelaria Prawna 90-060 Łódź, ul. Nawrot 4/1, tel./fax +48 /42/ 630 58 41, tel. +48 /42/ 632 51 44, kancelaria@b2blegal.pl
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