2015.07.16 The new rules will improve the diagnosis administrative matters

On 15 August 2015. Come into force amendments to the Act - Law on proceedings before administrative courts that will enable courts among others undertaking public authority to issue a decision or order of the appropriate content, and in the case of tardiness even granting the authority to pay the applicant compensation.

According to the assumptions of this draft law aim of the changes is to streamline, simplify and ensure the speed of the proceedings before the administrative court in both the first and second instance.
The new solution, which is to support this objective, it is possible commitment authority for the court to issue a decision or order of the specific content as indicated by the Court of time. In the case of not meeting the deadline by an authority party has the right to lodge a complaint, requesting a ruling confirming the existence or non-existence of right or obligation. As a result of examining the appeal court may impose a fine or authority to grant the authority to pay the applicant the sum of money up to the amount of five times the average monthly salary in the national economy in the previous year.
Modification of the law on proceedings before administrative courts will also, that the courts will be able to dismiss the action for failure to act the tax authority or chronic practically running the case only if there was no tardiness. In other cases (eg. When the authority will issue a decision only after submitting a complaint to the court), the court may consider the complaint and impose on the authority of a fine, which in the present state of the law is impossible. These solutions significantly streamline and speed up the processing of administrative matters.
Among other changes, introduced an amendment, include increase the scope rule on the merits of the case by the Supreme Administrative Court, expanding the scope of cases that can be recognized

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