2015 Amendment to the Building Act

On 15 January 2015. Was passed amendment of the Building Act.

The most important changes that are incorporated include:

- remove the requirement to obtain a decision on the permit for the construction or reconstruction of a single-family home, if we are dealing with buildings whose area of ​​influence does not extend beyond the boundaries of the plot covered by the investment. In such cases, is necessary only to notify building with the construction project and attach the documents required under the building permit for the building. Starost will have 30 days to objection;

- shortening the waiting time for the so-called. "silent consent to the use" (no objection administration) - from 21 to 14 days - in the case of objects put into use on the basis of an notification;

- elimination of the obligation to notify the intended date of commencement the construction works, currently an investor - at least 7 days before the date of commencement the construction works - must notify the building control;

- extension of the list of buildings, put into use on the basis of the notification of construction completion, and no on the basics of decision on the permit to use;

- introducing the possibility to apply for the redemption or payment in installments legalization fee in relation to the illegal building;

- introducing the possibility of commencement the construction works by an investor on the basis of the decision enforceable, when there are no other parties to the proceedings.


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