2015.02.24 New ID cards and regulation of marital status

In March of 2015. enter into force of the amendment, which more or less affect all of us. They will:

- new ID cards,

- contract the marriage outside Public Registry Office,

- giving the children names of foreign origin.


The first innovation relates to identity cards.

The new rules allow to obtain an ID card, both in the nearest commune office, as well as in the place where you are registered. Any, the solution is certainly a facilitation for the citizen. In view of the range of changes that are completed, also transform the commune offices. Because they will have access to the electronic register of identity cards. On the other hand this will allow sending an application for an ID card electronically. What's more, the new ID cards will be characterized by a different than usual pattern and scope of the information contained therein. They are supposed to be used only to confirm the identity Polish citizens. So, the new ID cards do not contain the information about the address check, eye color or height. Also disappear a scanned signature of the holder of the document. Size and dimensions of the identity card will not change, but the photograph in the force will be the same as that which appears in the passport. More importantly ID cards are to be distinguished by a wide range of security, among others: double reproduced photograph of the holder of the document, pressing, microprints or special paint. It should also be noted that for issuing new ID card will not be paid any fee, and the waiting period is not to exceed 30 days. Besides the important news is that the existing identity cards remain valid until the expiry of the time limits specified therein, and therefore there is no need to exchange documents. However, it will be necessary in the event of change of name.

New rules on Public Registry Records Law, in turn, allow to hold wedding ceremony outside of Public Registry Office, where it is not necessary - as was the case so far – to provide the  justifiable reasons for such a decision. It is important that the proposed scenery only provide the seriousness of the ceremony. The cost of the ceremony will be outside Public Registry Office will cost 1.000 zł. The new  rules in Public Registry Records Law also aims to improve and facilitate access to documents. With the further-reaching computerization of Public Registry Office, will be introduce electronic registration of births, marriages and deaths. Following that copies of these documents will be given in any Public Registry Office, and the earlier need to submit copies of various acts become a thing of the past.


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