2014 November

Supreme Court resolution of 26 November 2014., III CZP 80/14
If you set aside by the Supreme Court as a result of a complaint under Article. 394 [1] § 1 [1] Code of Civil Procedure, the judgment of the court of second instance aside the judgment of the court of first instance and transferring the case back to the court of second instance can deal with the matter in the same composition.

Resolution composition of 7 judges of the Supreme Court of 26 November 2014. III CZP 45/14
The groove for the property owner against the holder of the easement transmission, and before 3 August 2008. Against the holder of the easement corresponding to the contents of transmission easement, a claim for compensation award for non-contractual use of the property to the extent of the contents of this easement, does not interrupt the running of prescription.


Resolution of the Supreme Court on 5 November 2014., III CZP 73/14

Complaint against the bailiff brought to court to be paid locally improper judicial court decision (Art. 200 § 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure); action brought before the court improper locally before a prescribed period shall be deemed to have been lodged within the period.

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